Our recycled denim fiber material has aptly been named, "Denimite"™.  Every piece is unique - though most of the fibers are blue and white, a few stragglers of varying colors can sneak in during the processing of the fabric.  

We have various sources for post-industrial and post-consumer denim textile scrap from different parts of the country.  We also process denim material in-house, allowing us to take donations from our community!  

Each square foot of Denimite™ takes approximately one pair of jeans  to produce - that's a lot of jeans!  

This a cotton fiber bio-composite that is highly moldable, lightweight and tough, with no offgassing of toxic chemicals. Possibilities for automotive and aerospace applications along with other custom production make this product unique. 

Bio-composites are a growing industry, and we are pushing the limits of what can be done and what materials can be used to make them.