Post-industrial cotton/polyester scrap material is plentiful, and gives us a great source for a white-based composite.  This fabric is used for sheets, clothing, and various other fabric products.  The trimmings are shredded and the combination of fabrics give a wonderful blue/gray tone mixed with white, looking much like Carerra Marble.

Blended materials such as this are more difficult to recycle, whereas plain cotton can be made into new cotton yarn and used to make new fabric.  

This post-industrial scrap is also too small to be used for other garments or rags.  Once shredded, it is pressed into bales.  Our material comes from a textile recycling company in the Midwest. 

Because of the white-colored base, we can also use pigments, dyes, and other inclusions to create stunning mixes of color with Marblus.  

blue green marblus for asos 2.jpg